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Thursday, February 13

Reverse the Changes to the Medication Review Program

On the 12th February 2014, the Pharmacy Guild and the Department of Health announced a cap on the number and frequency of the two most important professional services provided by pharmacists to consumers. These are Home Medicine Reviews (HMRs) and Residential Medication Management Reviews (RMMRs). The cap of 20 HMRs per month and a limitation to providing RMMRs and HMRs only once every 2 years will result in a drastic reduction in these valuable services. These reductions are being made for financial reasons, in order to keep the programs within budget despite HMRs and RMMRs having been shown to improve patient health outcomes.The decisions were made without consultation with any of the key stakeholders.

The reduction in services will have major consequences for consumers, General Practitioners, accredited pharmacists and nursing home residents. Firstly, and most obviously, many consumers who would have benefitted from the services will not be able to receive them. Secondly, many accredited pharmacists, who have spent over a decade providing these services will no longer have a viable income. Thirdly, general practitioners who utilise these services (they provide referrals for the HMRs and RMMRs) will have restricted access to this service for their patients in need.
The most vulnerable members of our community; the elderly, those with chronic diseases and those in residential aged care, will be at an increased risk of medication misadventure as a result of these changes.
We ask you to urgently intervene to reverse these changes.
Click here to sign the petition. This will take you to where you can add your name to the list. Thanks for your support.

Tuesday, September 24

Man Cold Cured!

BioCeuticals ArmaForce is a comprehensive formula combining the herbal and nutritional ingredients andrographis, echinacea, olive leaf, vitamin C and zinc. It has been scientifically formulated to provide relief of symptoms and decrease the duration of upper respiratory tract infections and colds. ArmaForce supplies nutritional support for healthy immune function.

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My Comment....

I have used this product on several occasions, my upper respiratory tract infections usually requiring antibiotics after several days of feeling poorly. However since discovering Bio-ceutics ArmaForce, no antibiotics, no need for cold and flu tablets, and symptoms have disappeared in as little as 48 hours!

For those who have to care for sufferers of the Man Cold... you can visit this and make everyone laugh!

Monday, August 12

Prescription Services

At Blooms the Chemist Coogee we can assist you manage your prescriptions;

  • Busy? Why not leave your repeats on file with us. Phone ahead and we can prepare your prescriptions and have them ready as soon as you arrive.
  • Register for SMS text reminders when your medication falls due
  • Lost Repeats? When your repeats are left on file, they stay in the pharmacy.
  • Safety Net? When you leave your prescriptions on file you can be assured that we will manage your safety net records.
  • Tax Records and Private Health Insurance? computerised receipts available for taxation records and Private Health Insurance Claims.
  • Medication Management? Having all your medication managed at one pharmacy ensures an accurate and comprehensive checking for drug interactions.
  • For more infomation

Price Match Promise.... Guaranteed.

Our Price Match Promise:
we will gladly match any competitor’s advertised price. The item must be currently in stock and available at the nominated price. We reserve the right to verify any claims and limit quantities to comply with our professional obligations.

Clinic Sister Now In Store

Midwife - Registered Nurse is available Fridays 10am -4pm.
  • Pre and Post Natal care for Mother and Baby
  • Blood Pressure Testing
  • Blood Cholesterol and Triglyceride Screening
  • Asthma Education
  • Weight Monitoring
No Appointment Required.